POS System for Food Ordering

Revolutionize your business today with our state-of-the-art POS technology, designed to drive productivity, increase revenue, and ensure unparalleled customer satisfaction.

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From quick order punching to reporting, our Restaurant POS takes care of everything

Punch-In incoming orders, intimate the  print receipts, track orders, manage customer database - all with our new age restaurant POS system

User-Friendly Interface
Experience the efficiency and convenience of our POS ordering system's user-friendly interface, enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.
Effortless Setup
Experience a hassle-free setup process with our POS system, allowing you to seamlessly install, log in, and begin operations across Windows, Android, and iOS systems.
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Inventory Management and Security
With our comprehensive inventory management tools, safeguard your resources, Track stock use, save recipes and enhance operational efficiency—all within one integrated system.
Offline Mode
Experience uninterrupted service with our POS system, enabling your business to function smoothly regardless of internet connectivity.
POS Menu Management

Update and configure menus for online orders with ease, allowing for item classification, customization, and price adjustments.

POS Ordering and Payment

Easily involve online ordering into the POS system so that clients may make orders, finish payments, and choose whether to have their orders delivered or picked up.

POS Table Management

Manage reservations, seating charts, and table allocations to streamline dine-in service and maintain a smooth service flow.

POS Order Management

Simplify the POS-to-table process by giving staff the ability to take and update orders, forward them to the kitchen, and keep track of order progress.

Strong cloud-based software, transparent payment processing, and restaurant-grade hardware—all created specifically for the restaurant business by restaurant people—allow you to manage orders, sales, and payments in one location.

Transparent Pricing

Easy with affordable rates for every transaction.

No Hidden Charges

Does not include any additional markups or costs

One team to assist you

A POS and payment method of contact in one place.

Enhanced Service Speed

Increase revenue and speed up order and payment processing to shorten turnaround times.

Cloud Based Access

Anywhere, at any time, and on any device, access the data of your restaurant.

Accessible Integrations

Include submissions from top partners.

Freedom of choice: Choose your preferred POS
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Elevate Efficiency with Apple Devices
Streamline order processing with a user-friendly interface on your iPhone or iPad.
Ensure secure transactions and elevate the overall efficiency of your operations.
Android POS
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Versatile Performance on the Android
Manage transactions and monitor inventory on the go with Android compatibility.
Experience flexibility and convenience for your business with seamless Android integration.
Windows POS
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Robust Point of Sale for PC Power
Manage transactions and monitor inventory on the go with Windows compatibility.
Experience flexibility and convenience for your business with seamless windows integration.
From quick order punching to reporting, our Restaurant POS takes care of everything
Free Transactions
Revenue Generated
Why Choose Foochow POS?
Always works when you need it.
Proven Performance
Strong Infrastructure
24/7 Support
Keeps your transactions safe and secure.
Data Protection
Secure Transactions
Regular Updates
Always improving to fit your needs better.
Continuous Advancements
User-Centric Design


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“We were in the search of a platform to drive more traffic to our store and offer customers a convenient way to view our menu. While we're not currently set up for online orders, we've opted for FoodChow's free listing feature to cater to our clients effectively. I highly recommend FoodChow for those seeking free leads and effective restaurant marketing.”

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8848Momo’s– Australia

"If you want to grow your sales, improve productivity, accept catering orders or want to improve presence in Google. Whatever you like to get done, I will recommend FoodChow as they know what they are doing as they have conducted in-depth research to help hospitality business"

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Mr. Brij Mithaiwala, 24 Carats Sweets, India

"I have seen improvement in my sales, new customers acquisition, positive feedback from my clients since I implemented online ordering solution and app for our business. We are looking forward to start exporting our sweets to clients across the world."

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