Analytics & Reporting for Restaurants

Optimize your restaurant's decision-making with our robust analytics platform. Begin today and elevate the success of your restaurant business.

Evaluate and enhance your sales strategies

Find out how restaurant reports and sales analytics can help you boost revenue and enhance customer loyalty.

Maximize revenue from online orders while minimizing commission fees.

Learn how our software, which analyses your online orders and optimises your digital menu options, can help you increase online ordering revenue and lower third-party commission expenses.


Maximize revenue from online orders while minimizing commission fees.

Profiles of Customers

To deliver individualised service, create thorough client profiles that include order history, comments, and preferences.

Mechanised Advertising

To improve customer loyalty and encourage repeat clients, run automated email and SMS marketing campaigns.

Management of Waitlists

Handle reservations and waitlists for clients to speed up meals and shorten wait times.

Data-based Understanding

Gain a better understanding of consumer behaviour and preferences by utilising data-driven insights to enhance the overall eating experience.

Global Brands using online ordering system for growth


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