Contactless Food ordering System

Improve your customers' ordering experience using our complimentary QR code menu generator. Easily craft a digital restaurant menu and share it effortlessly through a unique QR code in just a few simple steps.

Menu QR Code Generator

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Generating a QR Menu in 4 Simple Steps


Menu Input

Begin by adding your food items into Foodchow.


Template Selection

Choose a restaurant menu template that complements your brand identity.


Download and Test

Download the QR code, print it, and ensure functionality by testing it on your smartphone.


Client Access

Share the QR code to enable clients to effortlessly scan it with their phones and access your menu.

Customize Your QR Code Menu in Minutes

Quickly generate a branded QR menu for your restaurant with our builder.

8 Ways to Display QR Codes

Table QR Codes

Simplify menu access by adding your QR code to tents for clients at their tables

QR Posters for Instant Menu Viewing

Unify your window and wall posters with a single QR code for passers-by.

Food packaging QRs

Elevate orders with QR codes on packaging for instant PDF menu access.

Flyer QR Code

Simplify menu access by adding your QR code to tents for clients at their tables

Business Card Upgrade

Unify your window and wall posters with a single QR code for passers-by.

QR Enabled Posters

QR Enabled Posters

Elevate orders with QR codes on packaging for instant PDF menu access.

Integrated QR Code Ordering and Online Payments

Elevate your QR code menu with online ordering and payments for increased revenue and order value.

Global Brands using online ordering system for growth


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is Contactless Ordering?

A software or physical solution known as a contactless ordering system enables consumers to place orders and pay for the food they have chosen without having to stand in line at the register or give any cash. Since the ordering process is fully automated, customers can acquire their food and drinks without speaking to any staff members. This speeds up service and eliminates wasted time.

Since the entire payment process is card-based, you may avoid the inconvenience of accepting cash or coins and save money on expensive cash registers. As with other card payments, you can process the payments using your current card terminal.

A Contactless Ordering System: Why Use It?

Our fast-paced, hectic world has made consumers more impatient than before. They are impatient and want their food quickly, so having to wait in queue to pay or make an order may be rather annoying.

Customers can place their purchases and make payments using a contactless ordering system even before they get in queue. They won't have to wait for service as a result. Additionally, this gives employees more time to assist other clients.

Consumers anticipate that companies will provide them with cutting-edge tools and convenient payment options, such as contactless transactions. Additionally, customers have greater faith in companies that take contactless payments.

Gaining more customer trust can be achieved by implementing a contactless ordering system.

How does it differ from a regular ordering system?
What are benefits of contactless ordering system?

Safer Transactions and Lower Fraud Rates - There is never a chance for someone to duplicate the numbers because the customer never takes the card or other device from their grasp. Furthermore, compared to traditional payment methods, contactless payment methods' chip technology is safer.

No Hidden Fees - Businesses that choose to accept contactless payment systems only pay the standard credit card fees. Contactless payment systems don’t have any extra fees for the merchant.

Consumer Demand -Most likely, your customers have inquired about contactless ordering so they can use their mobile wallets. Since consumers want to profit from enhanced security and the simplicity of tap-and-pay, the demand for these systems should only increase over time.

Additionally, contactless payment methods might offer clients a simple option to place advance food orders. This is especially helpful if you anticipate longer than normal wait times since your business is crowded. Provide a menu and let clients choose what they want to eat whenever they want.

They won't have to wait in queue when their food arrives because the ordering system will automatically save their orders. Customers won't have to stand in queue to order their food in this convenient manner. They won't feel hurried, which will improve the flow and effectiveness of the entire procedure.

What kind of contactless ordering solution should I adopt?

While QR codes can be an effective solution, there are other options available, such as mobile ordering applications ,that restaurants can choose from depending on their specific needs and preferences.