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#1 Spa POS system

Elevate Your Spa Business with Our personalized POS System

Discover our spa software—simple, automated, and built for business growth!



We'll handle all upcoming trends for you.

Effortless to handle

Easily create and modify your Services.

Free of commissions

No commissions or hidden fees involved.
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Getting appointments is a simple process.

Accept and verify appointments using any device.

You have the flexibility to accept appointment orders using any device – be it a PC, tablet, or smartphone. No specific devices or printers are required to get started.


Appointment scheduling

Manage and schedule appointments

Payment processing

Notify customers while processsing payments.

Modify Appointments

Easily make changes to Appoiments as needed

Busy Hour?

change appointment status when you hit busy hour
Various Service Requests

Provide diverse services options for spa

Clients can request appointments for in-store visits, pick-up of products, or even schedule services while already in the spa.

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Package booking

Designing Spa service packages for clients has never been so easy! You can offer your Spa services bundled as affordable packages or combos of complimentary services. It Also, provides users with the option to book Spa packages online. Not only does it help the customers engage more with your services, but also increases sales.

Reports and Analytics

With Foodchow analytics, you can get reports on income, sales, appointments, customer feedback, leads, and employee feedback at any time and any day. The reports allow you to keep an eye on every development and also help you measure your progress with valuable insights.
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Customized Solution Designed for Your Business's Achievement.

you can easily track clients' purchases, preferred services, and payment history.
Build your own system for your personalized spa services

Challenges FoodChow will over come for your Spa

A flexible software to book clients appointments anytime from anywhere
Transform the way you manage your Spa with our Spa  POS technology
Streamline your booking processes effectively Book smarter, not harder.
Offer 24/7 spa appointments for ultimate customer convenience.
Keep a detailed records of services and appointments of each clients
Store comprehensive client contact  details for easy access


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“We were in the search of a platform to drive more traffic to our store and offer customers a convenient way to view our menu. While we're not currently set up for online orders, we've opted for FoodChow's free listing feature to cater to our clients effectively. I highly recommend FoodChow for those seeking free leads and effective restaurant marketing.”

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8848Momo’s– Australia

"If you want to grow your sales, improve productivity, accept catering orders or want to improve presence in Google. Whatever you like to get done, I will recommend FoodChow as they know what they are doing as they have conducted in-depth research to help hospitality business"

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Mr. Brij Mithaiwala, 24 Carats Sweets, India

"I have seen improvement in my sales, new customers acquisition, positive feedback from my clients since I implemented online ordering solution and app for our business. We are looking forward to start exporting our sweets to clients across the world."