What is FoodChow?

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What is FoodChow?

FoodChow is an integrated online ordering, point of sale (POS), contactless, and marketing solution designed to assist restaurants in establishing an online presence without requiring any upfront investment. Its uniqueness lies in its pay-per-sale and commission-free business model, distinguishing it from other similar products. FoodChow offers both software tools and a marketplace platform, enabling restaurants to not only manage online orders efficiently but also attract new customers through marketing initiatives. This combination of features empowers businesses to thrive in the digital marketplace while minimizing costs traditionally associated with online ordering platforms.

Purpose and features of FoodChow

  • Increase Footfall for Fine Dine Restaurants: FoodChow aims to boost foot traffic for fine dining establishments through its marketplace solution and SEO strategies. It provides a marketplace website and mobile apps where customers can explore nearby restaurants, view limited-time offers and coupons, and avail themselves of win-win deals during off-peak hours. Additionally, FoodChow offers social media and digital marketing services to restaurants.
  • Take Away, Pre-Orders, and Catering: FoodChow’s online ordering solutions streamline the process of handling take-away orders, pre-orders, and catering requests for restaurants. Features include configuring multiple menus, saving time by taking orders online, improving productivity, enhancing customer experience with image-based menus, and offering separate catering menus and pricing.
  • Delivery: FoodChow’s delivery module enables restaurants to set up delivery zones, price delivery fees accordingly, and offer features such as free delivery thresholds and minimum order requirements. This helps restaurants save on commissions paid to delivery companies and provides flexibility in delivery options.
  • Coupons and Combo Deals: Restaurants can run marketing campaigns using coupons and combo deals to attract new and existing customers through FoodChow’s platform.
  • Make Your Own Pizza: FoodChow allows customers to customize their pizza orders, providing detailed preferences such as pizza type, size, toppings, and additional notes, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Table and Contactless Ordering: FoodChow facilitates contactless ordering by placing QR codes on tables and take-away counters, automating the ordering process, capturing customer details for remarketing purposes, and increasing take-away orders through standee and QR code signages.
  • Quick Service Restaurants (QSR): FoodChow offers a token system for quick-service restaurants like McDonald’s, enabling customers to know when their order is ready.
  • Kitchen Display Unit: Orders placed through FoodChow are displayed on a kitchen screen, eliminating the need for printing kitchen order tickets (KOT) and investing in expensive printers.
Mobile POS: FoodChow’s POS and online ordering system is available on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms, enabling easy adoption with smartphones.
  • Catering Management: FoodChow simplifies catering operations for businesses by providing a dedicated module for managing catering orders. This feature allows businesses to create specialized catering menus and pricing structures, making it easier to accommodate large-scale orders for events, parties, or corporate functions. By streamlining the catering process, businesses can maximize efficiency, minimize errors, and deliver exceptional service to clients.
  • Pre-Ordering Convenience: With FoodChow’s pre-ordering module, businesses can offer customers the convenience of placing orders in advance. Whether it’s for busy lunch hours, special occasions, or scheduled pickups, customers can place their orders ahead of time, ensuring timely preparation and seamless service upon arrival. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also optimizes kitchen workflow, allowing businesses to better manage peak periods and improve overall operational efficiency.
  • Real-Time Offers and Promotions: FoodChow empowers businesses to drive sales and attract customers through real-time offers and promotions. Through its dynamic marketing module, businesses can create and deploy targeted offers, discounts, and promotions in real-time based on various factors such as time of day, customer preferences, and inventory levels. By leveraging data-driven insights and personalized marketing strategies, businesses can maximize the effectiveness of their promotional efforts, increase foot traffic, and boost revenue.

FoodChow primarily targets the hospitality industry, including:

  • Restaurants: FoodChow aims to cater to traditional dine-in restaurants by providing them with online ordering, point-of-sale, marketing solutions, and other features to streamline their operations and attract more customers.
Food Trucks: FoodChow targets food truck businesses, offering them solutions for online ordering, marketing, and optimizing their operations to better serve customers in various locations.
  • Hotels for Room Ordering: Hotels can utilize FoodChow for room service ordering, allowing guests to conveniently order food and beverages from their rooms through an online platform, enhancing guest satisfaction and hotel efficiency.
  • Quick Service Restaurants (QSR): FoodChow caters to QSRs by providing them with tools such as a token system, online ordering, and contactless ordering options to streamline their operations and improve customer service.
  • Cloud Kitchens: FoodChow targets cloud kitchen businesses, offering them solutions for managing online orders, optimizing delivery operations, and enhancing customer engagement to drive business growth in the digital space.
By targeting these diverse segments within the hospitality industry, FoodChow aims to provide tailored solutions to meet the specific needs and challenges faced by each type of business, ultimately helping them thrive in the competitive market

Try FoodChow For Free Today

FoodChow is available on Windows, iOS and Android Platform. Foodchow Online Ordering App is developed for customers to place order, FoodChow Restaurant Manager is developed to setup menu, timing as well as receive online orders and Foodchow – Point of Sale App is designed to manage billing and operations. The best part is you can try all this solution for free by adding your restaurant now. Check out all the apps and website below. FoodChow Marketplace Website White Label Restaurant Ordering System Point of Sale App For Android (POS) Point of Sale App for iOS (POS) POS ( Point of Sale)  Software for Windows Customer Ordering App for Android Customer Ordering App For iOS Restaurant Manager App For Android Restaurant Manager App for iOS


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